Justice for
Kieron Hoddinott
(A150 7EC)
The Verne
Dorset, DT5 1EQ  

 Glyn Razzel

We call upon all persons who care for justice and truth to join in the campaign to demonstrate the innocence, overthrow the conviction, and secure the release from prison of Glyn Razzell.

- Helens Law From the Perspective of the Wrongly Convicted

Derek Patterson
HMP Northumberland
Wansbeck Rd
NE65 9XG

Mark Alexander
HMP Coldingley
Shaftesbury Road
Bisley Woking
GU24 9EX

Terry Smith            
HMP Warren Hill
Grove Road
IP12 3BF

Ben Geen
Colin Norris
Mohammed Hamid

Darren Waterhouse
  HMP Whitemoor
  Longhill Road

         John Keelan
            (18965 )
        HMP Addiwell
         Station Road
          EH55 8QA

        Jerome Charles
        HMP Rye Hill
           CV23 8SZ

   Justice For
   Mohammed Niaz Khan
     Abid Ashiq Hussain
        Sharaz Yaqub

      Anthony Parsons

      James Cullinene
        HMP Shotts
        Cantrell Road
         ML7 4LE

        Royston Moore
        HMP Long Lartin
        WR11 8TZ

Eddie Gilfoyle

  Gary Critchley

      Chris Nudds

Miscarriages of JusticeUK (MOJUK)

Justice Happens by Accident the Language and Protocol of the Judicial System Are Not "For The People"

Good Beer Making “Softens the Temper Cheers the Spirit and Can Get You Out of Jail 

200th Death Row Exoneration Shows Capital Punishment ‘Broken’

 Harry Gleeson Wrongfully Executed by the Irish Sate 85 Years Ago - Pardoned Man's Family Bring Him Home

Concerns Raised Over Safety of Letby Conviction

Extradition to Romania for Disabled Man Would Breach Article 3 ECHR

Too Many Prisoners, Says New PM Starmer

UAE’s Forgotten Mass Trial

Law Commission Consultation Paper on Reforming Law of Contempt of Court

Joint Enterprise Convictions at Highest Rate in a Decade

Prison Service Neglecting Vital Race and Equality Work

Thousands of Children 'Trapped' in Family Justice System

Prison Rehabilitation Numbers in England And Wales Down 74%

Coroner Criticises Delays Transferring Prisoners to Mental Hospitals

Violence and Self-Harm in Women’s Jails Hits Record High

How Were Three Boys Who Played No Active Role in a Manchester Killing Convicted of Manslaughter?

Persistent Race Discrimination Found in Prisons in England and Wales

Recordings are 'Republican Pub talk'

7 Ways Our Justice System Favours Conviction of the Innocent Over Acquittal of the Guilty

Concerns About Someone in Prison? If you know someone in prison who is in need of advice and information then
please click here https://tinyurl.com/yh4wkzhd for details on how they can get in contact with us.

Prisoners’ Families Helpline If you are concerned about a person in prison and would like support yourself,
click here https://tinyurl.com/23vfkxb8 for details on how to contact the Prisoners' Families Helpline.

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1,784 people have died in England and Wales after contact with the police since 1990 – yet no officer has been held to account.

MOJUK Aims and Objectives

MOUK Prisoners Magazine 'Inside Out - Issues: 1012, back to 561 - Isues 560 back to 441 - Issues 331 - 440

Topical Media - Filed articles here . . . .Volume 1 --- Volume 2 ---- Volume 3 ...........Vomue 4 ............Volume 5

For Those of us in Prison There is Only One Season the Season of Sorrow

The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde - Annotation by Emma Baldwin

Expert Witnesses - Have Not Witnessed the Crime yet they give Evidence as if they had!

Murder/Fitting up/Misconduct – West Midlands Police a Stain on the Nation

How Can You Help Men Who Are Falsely Accused Of Sexual Abuse?

Open Justice Charter

Criminal Law 2.0 - Why the US Justice System Really Isn’t Just

INQUEST's Online Skills Toolkit

Judges Duties on Hearing Appeals

"Challenging Miscarriages - the Inability of the System to Accept Responsibility"

Unlawfull Segregation: Shahid (Appellant) v Scottish Ministers (Respondent) (Scotland) UKSC 2014/0273

- Kevan Thakrar Claimant v Secretary of State for Justice Defendant

Kevan Thakrar an Appeal for Support –  From John Bowden

Contact with the Midlands Police Can Be Fatal
[Sean Fitzgerald Monday 7 January 2019 - Trevor Smith  4th January 2019 - Mark Yafai, 1st July, 2015 - Rafal Delezuch -  15th August 2012, Xuan Wei Zhang,  4th April 2012, Lloyd Butler – 4th August 2011, Demetre Fraser - 31st May 2011, Kingsley Burrell-Brown - 30th March 2011, Mikey Powell -  7th September 2003, John Leo O'Reilly – 3rd July 1994, all ten died after coming into contact with West Midlands Police]

West Midlands Against Injustice (WMAI)

Michael Mansfield QC - Memoirs and Lies

News Articles/Judgments/Reports October 2023

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Appeal Court Rubber - Stamps Entrapment of Naweed, Khobaib, Mohibur, & Tahir


Brendan McConville
HMP Maghaberry
Roe House (Roe 4)
Old Road, Ballinderry
Upper, Lisburn
BT28 2PT

Roger Khan
HMP Whitemoor
  Longhill Road

Wang Yam    
HMP Lowdham Grange
Old Epperstone Road
NG14 7DA

Michael Ross
HMP Shott
Canthill Road
New Mains, Lanarkshire ML7 4LE

Kevan Thakrar
HMP Belmarsh
HMP Manchester
1 Southall Street
M60 9ST

Hyrone Hart
HMP Long Lartin
South Littleton
WR11 8TZ

  Alvin Black
      HMP Whitemoor
      Longhill Road
        PE15 0PR

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Jonathon Kelly
Am I doing Time
or is Time doing me

      Justice for
        Alexandre Silva

         Tony Marshall
           HMP Frankland
           DH1 5YD

William Gage     
2319 ~ C3/15
HMP Shotts
 ML7 4LE

              Adie McLellan
      HMP Waylan
      IP25 6RL

            False Allegations
         of Abuse

The Hounding of
Delroy Lindo

Satpal Ram

Hostage of the State

1987 - 2002

Villainous Mr O


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