News Articles/Judgments/Reports December 2023

More Than 1,100 Police Officers Under Investigation for Sexual or Domestic Abuse

Surveillance Britain: Police Quietly Trying to Access 50m Photos for One Mass Lineup

Police Use of Belt Over Exeter Man’s Face May Have Contributed to Death

Conspiracy to Murder Acquittal Following Judge’s Ruling of ‘No Case To Answer’

Illegal evictions in England Hit Record High, But Less Than 1% of Landlords Convicted

Glynn Simmons: Longest-Imprisoned US Inmate Exonerated 48 Years On

Police Disproportionately Target Black Rough Sleepers Under Archaic Law

1984–1985 Miners’ Strike (Pardons)

Acquittal for Man Accused of Rape and Other Serious Sexual Offences

Victims and Prisoners Bill Enters the House of Lords

Arrests For Breaches of Coronavirus Restrictions - Unlawful

Not Guilty Verdicts on Allegations of Grievous Bodily Harm and Sexual Assault

Police Watchdog Refuses to Back Use of Stop and Search Without Suspicion

Miscarriage of Justice Watchdog Reviews Murder Conviction of ex-MI6 Informant

Bloody Sunday: Soldier F Will Face Murder Trial

SAS Sought to ‘Cover-up’ Killings of Unarmed Afghans

After 20 Years in Prison  - Woman Jailed Over Infant Deaths Has Convictions Quashed

McDonald’s/KFC/Burger King Rely on Alabama Prison “Slavery”

Structural Racism Behind Increased Taser Use Against Black People

Rastafarian Soldier Wins Racism Case Against Army

High Levels of Violence/Self-Harm HMP Bedford/HMP HMP  Swaleside

The Broken System of Antisocial Behaviour Laws

Government’s Response to Prison Urgent Notifications

Met Police Officers Sentenced for Racist WhatsApp Messages

15 Weeks in Prison for Feeding Pigeons

Croatia: Failure to Deal Appropriately With Sexual Violence in The Workplace - Violation of Artilce 3

Poland: Lack of Legal Recognition/ Protection for Same-Sex Couples - Violation of Article 8

Glyn Razzell - Helens Law From the Perspective of the Wrongly Convicted

Crown Court Quashes Conviction for Handling Stolen Goods Following CCRC Reference

New Rwanda Bill Disregards Human Rights Act

Appellant’s Defence Generated by AI - Dismissed by First-tier Tribunal (Tax)

Custodial Sanctions Increase Crime

Legal Challenge to “Constitutionally Unprecedented” Protest Rights Restrictions

CCRC: Illegal Entry Case Referred to Crown Court

Landmark UN Report Calls for Sex Work Decriminalization

Courts Urged to Consider Fewer Short Jail Terms

Law Commission Probes Defences in Domestic Homicide Cases

Quashing of Sentence for Drug Offences at Court of Appeal