MOJUK - News Articles/Judgments/Reports February 2024

Foreign Criminals to be Offered Deportation Instead of Prosecution

NI Troubles: Legacy Act Immunity Clause 'Breaches' Human Rights

Loyalist Victims' Widows Receive 'Significant' Settlements

Outrage at Conviction of Ibrahima Bah

UK Public Say - Pregnant Women and New Mothers Should Not Be Sent to Jail

Victims and Prisoners Bill - Mental Health/Human Rights/Criminal Justice Bodies Unite

Early Prisoner Release Scheme Extended Indefinitely in England and Wales

Degrading Mass Strip Search - Women in Prison Win $1.4M Settlement

UK Urged to End ‘National Threat’ of Violence Against Women and Girls

Court of Appeal Rules That the Illegality Defence Does Not Bar Insanity Cases

Governments Target Nationals Living Abroad

Glenanne Gang: Ex-Police Officer Will Not Be Prosecuted Over 10 Murders

Achieving Racial Justice at Inquests

Prison Reform Trust - UK’s Chronic Addiction to Imprisonment

Black Mental Health Patients More Likely to be Injured at Hands of Police

Harsher Sentences For ‘Rough Sex Gone Wrong’ May Close Loophole For Killers

Systemic’ Staffing Issues Within Criminal Justice System Failing Victims of Crime

Policy into Practice - Priison Officers Use of Force Upon Prisoners

Natasha Abrahart: Disability Discrimination Contributed to Student's Death

Met Police Overhaul ‘Discriminatory’ Gang Database

Pontins Served ‘Unlawful Act Notice’ Over Discrimination Against Irish Travellers

Devon & Cornwall Police Accused of “Protecting” Officers Accused of Domestic Abuse

Natasha Abrahart: University Contributed to Student's Death

Women in Prison - Lessons and Ambitions

England and Wales Legal System ‘On Its Knees’

Detention at Her Majesty’s Pleasure Incompatible With Young Murderers’ Human Rights

Ministers Considering Alternative Redress For Wrongly Convicted Subpostmasters

Your Help is Needed for INQUEST A Small Organisation That Punches Well Above Its Weight

Black Teenager Stopped by Met Police Six Times in Five Months

France: Kettling of Demonstrators Against Pension Reform Bill - Violation of Articles 2 & 11

Patients Left Languishing in Prisons For Months

Sentencing Disparities - Black and Asian offenders Detained Longer than White

The Troubles: Former Soldier Charged With Murder Over 1972 Shooting

We Really ‘Should’ Talk About the Word ‘Should’ - Shouldn’t We?

Allan Marshall: Prison Officer Immunity Over Death Was 'Incorrect'

Update: Campaign That Defeated A Banning Order On Sex-Work In Newham

UN Secretary-General Guterres - End ‘Abhorrent Practice’ of Female Genital Mutilation