Miscarriages of JusticeUK (MOJUK)

Appeal For Your Unused Postage Stamps - Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty-Pound Notes

MOJUK sends out on average 200 + mailings a month to prisoners. Cost of stamp 66p for each mail sent.

We are again running out of stamps and asking MOJUK subscribers/supporters to send any unused stamps so that we can keep the information going to prisoners around the UK.

If you have any unused 2nd class stamps, cost 66p or lower/higher value, please send them to MOJUK. Even if you have only three stamps put two in an envelope, the other on the envelope, and send to:

C/0 22 Berners Street
Birmingham B19 2DR

(PS: Rumours abound that we now live in a cashless society, you all pay your bills by Card, so if you have any five, ten, twenty, fifty-pound notes lying about your residence, you can send them to MOJUK. All monies received are spent on prisoners.)

MOJUK - Appeal for Donations for 2022

Another year has gone, there has been less than nothing throughout 2021 in the way of good news, for all those wrongfully, incarcerated. Sentences are getting longer and longer. Moreover, leaving prison on your Parole date has become a fearsome battle with the public being allowed to frustrate prisoners hearings and influence the Parole Board, not to release. As for the Parole Board itself, they are now craven cowards, with an eye on what the public opinion would be if they release anyone.

So it goes, nothing changes for those inside, gets harder and harder to get out. The restrictions on legal aid do not help. No restraints on money available to the Crown Prosecution Service, but severe restraints on anyone trying to overturn/challenge their prosecutions.

 Last year, January through December, we sent out over 300 articles, legal briefings, Court of Appeal/Supreme Court/ Court of Justice of the European (CJEU), European Court of Human Rights decisions (ECtHR), plus general articles on Criminal justice. 

 At present ‘MOJUK’s only income is a handful of standing orders. 

 So, appealing to recipients of ‘MOJUK’ mailings for donations/standing orders. 

 Standing orders are best as it provides regular income, £5 or £10 a month, welcome, more if you can afford it.

 ‘MOJUK’ provides support to serving prisoners who are fighting wrongful convictions or fighting the prison system.

 Publishes weekly a prison magazine ‘Inside Out’ sent to prisoners 12 pages A5, containing the prisoners’ own stories. Rulings of UK Criminal Appeal Courts, UK Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice that may benefit those who have lost their liberty and detained in HMPs. Topical/Academic articles from the mainstream media. 

To date over 800 magazines have been produced. You can view all copies here. http://www.mojuk.org.uk/Inside%20Out.html

 Posted regular bulletins on all matters relating to the criminal justice system to recipients of MOJUK mailings list.


 Take out a ‘Standing Order’ to ‘MOJUK’

 ‘Standing orders’ are the best way to support ‘MOJUK’, as this provides regular monthly income.

 Download ‘Standing Order’ PDF HERE fill in and return to your bank.

 Download ‘Standing Order’ Text Doc HERE fill in and return to your bank.

 If you take out a standing order, please notify ‘MOJUK’ of date standing order is to start and amount. 


 Or one-off donation by direct bank transfer: Account John O.

 Nationwide 180 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9LP

 Sort code: 07-01-16 

 ACN 42514010 

 If you donate by bank transfer,

please notify ‘MOJUK’ (mojuk2023@gmail.com)

of the amount so that we can send a receipt.


 You can donate to ‘MOJUK’ by cheque:

 Make cheque out to ‘MOJUK’ and post to.”


 C/o 22 Berners Street


 B19 2DR