Devil’s Advocate Giovanni Di Stefano Vindicated 2013 Conviction Quashed by CPOS

In a scathing Judgement, published, Tuesday 15th February 2022, the Court of Public Opinion and Scrutiny (CPOS) quashed the conviction of the man known as the Devil’s advocate who defended the likes of Saddam Hussein, Ian Brady, Slobodan Miloševi?, Charles Manson, and other Dictators and high-profile criminals. The Court of Public Opinion and Scrutiny was established in 2003 by retired Judges of the High Court and Crown Court to review the cases of those “referred” to the Court by a member Judge.

It is thought that a Crown Court Judge brought the case to the attention of the Court over a barrage of “things that went wrong” with Di Stefanos Trials in 2013, presided over by the now deceased Judge Alistair McCreath. The rules of the Court are in accordance with the same rules of the Court of Appeal and the Judges take the pseudonyms of Lord Datta, Lord Dayadhvam, Lord Damyata and their identities remain secret.

One of the retired High Court Judges said, “we do this to protect the integrity of the judiciary, but it is correct to say that some of the cases we have all participated in have left us disturbed enough to carry a weight on our conscience.” The Devil’s Advocate told the Court that the current, “Court of Appeal Criminal Division had become “intellectually dishonest and of the countless misdirection’s and what he terms “wrong turnings.” His Trial took place in 2013 and thereafter subsequent appeals. The full Judgement makes harrowing reading, and a jurist said, “the whole matter was so badly handled that the papers should be sent to the Attorney General for review as to whether anyone should be prosecuted.”

The Court heard evidence that Di Stefano’s PNC (criminal record) had been falsified and that it included offences he “not only did not commit but could not have committed.” The Judge sentenced Di Stefano on the basis of a criminal record he simply did not have. He told the Court that when an “honest prison officer” obtained the real PNC in 2018 it was a surprise to all because “it portrayed the real position and that the Judge himself had been misled.” There were countless errors and equally countless occasions that the whole matter could have been rectified” but it has not.

The Judges dug in their heels because they were too deeply involved. “The power to apologise is what is lacking in the Court of Appeal,” said Di Stefano. Last year after eight years in prison Di Stefano wrote to his Trial Judge Alistair McCreath who retired early after Di Stefanos Trial and joined the Parole Board of England and Wales. The letter which we publish in full makes important reading and it is thought that Judge McCreath may well have been the Judge who referred the case to this Court.

“What is sad is that Judge McCreath replied to me replied to late last year. He said that I had been treated like a “drunken lamb at a wolf party,” said Di Stefano.”

After nine years though it is a pyrrhic victory for both me, The Judge and the Prosecution. “No one has won, and justice has been badly scarred,” said Di Stefano.

Asked what he would do now? Di Stefano replied, “See my mother aged 86 and I’m sure I will get a good telling off even at my age which may well be richly deserved,”

Download the full judgement, ?Court of Public Opinion and Scruntiny Criminal Division

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