News Articles/Judgments/Reports January 2024

Outrageous’ Execution of Inmate by Nitrogen Gas Suffocation

Austerity Has Led to Record Number of Children in Care

USA: McDonald’s, Kroger and Coca-Cola Linked to Forced Prison Labor

Jury Concludes Prisoner Mark Jozunas Died Due to Neglect

Invisible Women: Understanding Their Experiences of Long-Term Imprisonment

Majority Verdicts in England and Wales Brought in ‘Partly for Racial and Class Reasons’

Convicted Murderer Fears Prison ‘Hit’ as Victim’s Family Campaign for Release

Jury Find Police Failings Contributed to Death of Man in Police Custody

Pregnant Woman’s Jail Sentence Quashed in ‘Landmark’ UK Ruling

UN torture Expert - MoJ Changes to Indefinite Jail Sentences Do Not Go Far Enough

Scottish Prison Cells ‘Breach Torture Standards’

Update - Death of Annelise Sanderson in HMP Styal

ECtHR: New Inter-State Application Brought by Ireland Against the United Kingdom

Extradition to Colombia for Kidnap and Extortion Convictions Discharged

Inquest Jury Finds Metropolitan Police Failure to Provide Care Contributed To Death

Police Remand of Children Overused - Report By Transform Justice

Wetherby Young Offender Institution: Women

Hero or Murderer? UK General Who Terrorised the Colonies & Northern Ireland

CIA Secret Detainee Programme - Multiple Violations Against Lithuania

UK: Children Referred to Counter-Terror Police Amid Crackdown on Palestine Support

Police Forces Failing to Perform Clare’s Law Checks

Mr D’s, Conditions of Imprisonment - Violation of Article 3

Placement of Mentally Ill Individuals In Prison System Violation of Article 3 & 5 § 1

PRT Have Issued an Update on the Current Process for Licence Termination?

IPP Quashed After 14 Years

Lack of Secure Accommodation for Children

Australlia: Highest Number of Indigenous Prison Deaths Since Records Began

Structural Racism Behind Disproportionate Taser Use

Head of Britain’s Police Chiefs Says Force ‘Institutionally Racist’

Dublin Riots: Some Explanations and Responses

The Troubles: Payments Proposed for Relatives of Those Killed

Scrapping Short Jail Terms in England and Wales Puts Women at Risk

3,000 Offenders in England and Wales Wore Sobriety Tags this Christmas

Rise in Assaults on Prison Staff Caused by Overcrowding Low Staff Levels