MOJUK - News Articles/Judgments/Reports May 2024

Stop and Search use on Children Doubles

MET Police Officers Remain on Duty Without Vetting

Prisoners Attempt Escape From Crumbling Cell Using Plastic Cutlery

CCRC Refer Failure to Disclose Presence of Undercover Officer at Arrest

170 Years For Crimes he Didn’t Commit

Jury Finds Palestine Action Activists ‘Not Guilty’ Over Elbit Occupation

Knowledge is the Most Democratic Source of Power

Joint Committee Supports Wide-Reaching ‘Hillsborough Law’

Children Detained Under Little-Known Orders Speaking Out After Turning 18

Knowledge is the Most Democratic Source of Power

Allow Courts to Fine Lawyers Who Bring SLAPPs

Police Say - No Grenfell Charges Likely Until 2027

Court Backlog Target in England and Wales no Longer Achievable

Suella Braverman Acted Unlawfully by Making It Easier to Criminalise Protests

Crucial Reforms to Help Thousands Trapped In Indeterminate Jail Terms Fail

Children (Parental Imprisonment)

Prison Safety: Wet-Shave Razors

Inmates Dug Through Winchester Prison Walls With Plastic Cutlery

Who Bombed Dublin? - 50 Year Cover Up Must End

75th Anniversary of the ‘European Court of Human Rights’

‘Slow Violence’ of Destitution Impacts Migrants in Greater Manchester

IRR Calendar of Racism and Resistance ( 30 April – 14 May 2024)

Detailed Breakdown of Use of Imprisonment for Women

Climate Change Protester Placed Under Home Curfew - Violation of Article 2 of Protocol No. 4

Last-Minute Delay to Hundreds of Court Hearings Due to Prison Overcrowding

Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI)

Court of Appeal Quashes Sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection Passed in 2008

Amendment to Criminal Justice Bill Seeks to Reform ‘Flawed’ Joint Enterprise Law

Government Considering Proposal to Ban ‘Persistant’ Protest Groups

Lift Court Order Blocking New Yorker Article on Letby Case

Solicitor General to Appeal Trudi Warner Decision

Wall of Secrecy Around SAS ‘Murders’ Begins To Crumble

Plans to Build 500 New Prison Places in the Women’s Estate - Paused

Alarm Raised After Dodgy DNA Exoneration in Bermuda

Climate Protesters Attempt to Storm Germany's Tesla factory

Government Introduces Amendments for IPP Prisoners - Victims and Prisoners Bill

Innocent Failed by the CCRC - Demonstration Friday 10th May 2024

Prisons ‘Sleepwalking Into Crisis’ as Inmates Forced to Share Single Cells

Seventh Inmate Dies in Two Months at Troubled Welsh Prison

‘Wild West’ for Personal Data Undermines UK Human Rights

Heavily Lifting’ in ‘Gang’ Prosecutions Against Young Black Men

Pause Announced in Plans to Build More Prison Spaces for Women

Robert Brown – an Appreciation by MOJO

Possible Victim of Human Trafficking Has Conviction Overturned

Abuse of Terrorism Act 2000: Five-Figure Settlement Civil Claim Against MET

MoJ Rejects More Than 90% of Compensation Claims From Wrongly Convicted

Prisoners With Cancer in England More Likely to Die of It Than Other Patients

McGurk's Bar Bombing Merits New Inquests Says Attorney General

Judiciary Makes Bail Hearings Remote by Default