Media May 2022

Women at Scandal-Plagued Prison Forced to Leave Without Stable Housing

Police Spy Who Stole Identity Of Dead Baby Was Not Prosecuted

World Governments Routinely ‘Over-Policing, Over-Prosecuting and Over-Punishing’

Sundiata Acoli: US Black Panther Wins Parole After Half a Century

Dominic Raab Joins Calls on Law Commission to Review Criminal Appeals Process

Civil Servant Wins Six-Figure Sum Over ‘Insidious’ Ministry of Justice Racism

Aliens Behind Bars: Punishment and Human Rights of Foreign National Prisoners

Three-Quarters of Children on Remand do Not go on to Receive a custodial Sentence

CCRC Strike Again - No Posthumous Pardon for ‘Sally Arsenic’

Government Fail Women Caught Up in The Criminal Justice System

Number of Children in Custody in England and Wales Set to Double by 2024

Use Your Right to Protest — Best Response to Tory Legislation

Prison Staff Who Refused to Unlock Prisoners ‘Will Not be Disciplined’


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