Fighting for my Life


My back's to the wall, there's nowhere to run,

This seven year hell has just begun,

The fascists strike out, I fear for my life,

In self-defence I lash out with a knife.


Warrants are issues backed with no bail,

The whole of the world wants me in jail,

A murder charge hangs over my head

The outlook is grim, my future seems dead.


I've got to be strong, I know that I'm right,

In self-defence were my actions that night,

As the trial approaches, my time has come,

I'm assured that justice will finally be done.


A self-defence plea, without any doubt!

But I wasn't prepared for my lawyers sell-out,

A miscarriage of justice is committed that day,

My life is starting to seep away.


The jury listens to what they are told

Unaware of the facts that the prosecution withhold,

I'm convicted of murder, not self-defence,

The judge sends me away with a life sentence.


For the past seven years I've continued my fight,

To show the world what happened that night;

Because if self-defence is every man's right

Then why am I still in prison tonight?


I'll never give up, I'll fight 'til I die,

To clear my name from this hideous lie.

Whatever it takes, I'll go all the way

Because the righteous will prevail at the end of the day.


Satpal Ram 1993 (E94-164) - Victim of the Criminal Justice System.