Miscarriages of JusticeUK

Poems by Gary Critchley

Transvestite pensioners
Sitting on the bench
With gowns and wigs and everything
'cept and ounce of sense.

In their eyes you're guilty
Soon as you walk in the dock
They feel that it's their duty
To put you under lock and key.

Legal aid is give
For those who cannot pay.
Appointed representatives
To help you have your say.
But they don't try too hard
Why should they when you're poor
We all know there's no justice
Under British bloody law for free

The judge bangs his gavel and the whole court stands
You smile and grovel to him - your future's in his hands
'Yes your Honour - No your honour - three bags full my Lord'
But still end up in prison with all your pleas ignored You see.

Silent Noise (Dharma)
A thistle talks a silent noise
Unheard by man or beast,
A noise that's barbed and green .... and thick,
A noise that sits in wait.. .. to prick
The flesh of unsuspecting man.

The Act
My body is a theatre
My every move an act
Yet the script is self-directed
So the seats are always packed

My eyes are super-troopers,
Their brightness lights the lead
With only my personas
How can I fail succeed?

My mind is an arena
With stage-inspired thought
That makes each scene an actors dream
With ego holding court

Here there are no critics
And all reviews are rave,
From the stalls the curtain calls
Go with me to the grave

The sky is always there

An endless weightless sea
Supporting balls of cloudy white
Like huge marshmallows
Fluffed and light
And altogether fair
The sky is always there

Sometimes black, sometimes blue
Tinged with red or clouded through
But always there
To cushion our fragile world
And us too

Though man has risen above
Climbed to space in metal doves
And left it all below
Some of us still care and know
The sky is always there

Loneliness is more than a feeling Loneliness is alive
When you feel the knives of despair in your heart
Loneliness is the hand that drives them

Loneliness is an eagle way up in the sky All alone it soars so high
Then swooping fast in search of prey
It steals your soul away

Loneliness is a tiger that stalks you through endless nights
(its useless to fight)
Sinking sharp claws in your mind Devouring your sanity
Leaving behind an empty shell.

Loneliness is a prisoner
Locked up in a cell
As his memories degrade
His hopes and dreams face
He gets nearer to hell day by day by day by day by day by day ....

TV Tears
My television cries tears of drama
They roll from its one square eye
Then ... reaching the carpet.. .. fade and die
Leaving echoes of technicolour dreams